About Pety Pets


People like to put their best foot forward. They dress up as well as they can and aspire to be as clean as possible. They know for a fact that being clean and well-groomed can really set them apart and can even be really helpful for health reasons. Now if this is true for us, why should it be any different for our dogs?

Hello and welcome to Pety Pets! We are a site that is dedicated to challenging and changing the preconceived notions regarding dog grooming. We aim to provide pet owners of now—and the future—with information that can help them form better choices regarding the grooming methods for their dogs.

Our writers come from various dog-related fields of expertise so our articles are carefully researched and heavily grounded in fact rather than speculation. It is our hope that with every article that we publish, we help another dog owner provide the care and grooming that their dog deserves.

We hope that you’ll tune in as we share our tips, advice, and discussions about dog grooming. If you have any questions, you can always ring us up at 937-675-0688. Let us know if there is anything in particular we can talk about.