Our Privacy Policy:

We always wished to provide a better place in the form of a website where our visitors feel reliable and never afraid of entering data or subscribing to the site. We care our customers Privacy and never reveal their privacy policy or share with others to promote or share stuffs etc.

We Keep visitors Privacy hidden from others and never let others to get your information and harms you because of our fault Privacy policy and we will never do. The privacy policy of our web site collect the information for your better attachment with our web site, so that you can get all to read, view and visiting this site and allow you to comments, subscribe us, share our web site on social media and many more.

The web site “Petypets.com” privacy policy only collects your data and information and we will automatically notify you when entering the information required:
The information when you entered while sign up collect your identifiable information, and how it is going to be used and will it share or not if yes then with whom and why ?

By entering the data or information you will able to correct any inaccuracy of our site’s content.

There would be options available for you i.e. commenting, subscribing, and correcting the inaccuracy information provided on the site.

Feel free to enter the information when required because we provide proper security towards your information to keep away from misuse.

Ensure your information and their uses for promoting and sharing or revealing your data to be kept safe.

We collect your information and kept them secret for your protection and secure your information ultimately. We don’t collect your information randomly, we just collect the given data by our visitors and we have only access to that data which you provide us through email/direct contact. We will never sell the data provide by yourselves.

How we access your information without filling any form?
Sometimes visitors is identified through their internet protocol (IP) and its automatically generate when a visitor visits the website to get their mean. We are not responsible for this automatically generated system to detect your IP but we don’t reveal this information individually too.

Do we collect your information via “cookies”?

Generally, we our visitors can visit or access our websites where your personal information is not required and can see/read articles within others specifications. Once your entered your personal information that will be in safe mode and we ensure protection of your information. The term known as cookies is basically the devise used in your browsers and it is transferred in the form of information to us that are used to give proper customization access to site provided to our visitors to analyze user metrics and stored as small files on your hard drive or browsers. You can bring changes or delete the cookies on your side but we still have your information but in a safe mode. Your cookies can also catch by third parties and we are not responsible for that. We only ensure about ourselves.
Do we responsible for the information that is provided to third parties?
As we run some ads on this website or any other link is provided outside of our site or the information provided to any third parties then we are not responsible for the upcoming issues and privacy problems that you will face sooner or later. We are only responsible for the protection of your information that is given/provided to PetyPets.com
How you will get to know if we change the privacy policy statements?

We had reserved the proper right change/improve this privacy policy when needed but how will you get to know? If we ever change the statement in our privacy policy our visitors can check from this page of our site or will notify through the information provided by you via E-mail. If you will keep checking this site you will automatically get attached with the changes in the policy.