4 Aspects You Should Start Training Your Puppy On & How to Effectively Train With Bully Sticks


Getting a puppy is a really special moment in anyone’s life. It can be rather exciting when you think about how you’re going to bond with the little one and which sort of activities you’ll be doing together. The general trouble starts when it’s time to train that puppy so it’ll grow up to be a well-adjusted pet.

There has been some disagreement regarding how soon the training should start and which aspects should be started on immediately. We’ve all been in that moment when a puppy starts testing boundaries. Basing it off our experiences, here are four particular aspects you should start training your puppy on:

Toilet Training

A puppy that doesn’t know the appropriate place to relieve itself can be one of the more annoying parts of being a dog owner. When a dog isn’t housebroken, you can be sure that you will be spending a lot of your time trying to scrub pee off of the floor, your rugs, and other sorts of upholstery.

Toilet training I something that should be started on as soon as the puppy has calmed down.

Personal Space

Dogs, in general, can be quite notoriously bad at adhering to the need and acceptance of personal space of their owners and themselves. Sometimes, they can be really difficult to approach as they may outright reject any sort of interactions with their new owner. Most of the time, however, they can stick to you like glue.

Helping your puppy understand the concept of personal space can help you and it in the long run.


Tell us if you find this familiar: you give your puppy some food you try to get their bowl away after they are done, and you get your hand nipped by an angry puppy. Biting can be a rather serious issue that should be addressed. Aggression should be curbed—especially when it is directed towards the owner.

The sooner you get your puppy to understand that biting is not okay, the less you’ll have to worry about over time. Particularly if other people—especially kids—come into the picture.

Food Exposure

Puppies can be rather exuberant when it comes to feeding time. They may end up eating too fast or trying to eat food that isn’t theirs to eat. It is quite important for a puppy to learn early on that there are certain meal times and only a set amount of food to be given during that period.

When puppies aren’t trained regarding this, they end up trying to eat whatever they can and this can adversely affect their health.

Bonus Training Tip

Ever heard about bully sticks? If you haven’t yet, these are chew treats that can be used as a training tool. Training involves rewarding your pup. As you know, our furkids are motivated by the things they want. There’s no better motivation than a delectable bully stick! So, put their favorite chew treat to good use by giving them bully sticks when training and reinforcing good behavior in your puppies.

These four aspects are only some of the overall things that you should start training your puppy about. We hope that they help pave the way for you somewhat. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What other aspects do you think you need to start training your puppy on?

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