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Hello and welcome to Pety Pets! We are a site that is dedicated to challenging any and all preconceived notions regarding dog grooming processes and knowledge. As a dog’s health is generally attributed to the present state of its grooming, it is highly important that it is done right.

There is so much that needs to be discussed since there are always new findings and newer trends in the field of pet health and grooming. As such, we need all hands on deck and even beyond that if we’re ever going to be able to provide the sort of helpful information that we all need. With that in mind, we’ve got a few questions for you:

Do You Have a Pet Dog?

Often, we find that it is the people who actually have to deal for the day to day minutiae of caring for a dog that would be in the best position to talk about them. Hands-on experience is truly helpful when you’re aiming to share knowledge that others will be able to benefit from.

Do You Have Writing Experience?

Often, people have good ideas that get lost when they try to put it down in writing (or in print). Writing experience is often crucial if you’re trying to impart your knowledge successfully.

If you’ve answered yes to both of our questions, then you just might be a good fit for our publication! Won’t you consider writing for us? Pety Pets needs more writers to suitably share information about dog grooming!